Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve learned about FlexVU and how it can really change your life from a video entertainment standpoint, you are encouraged to spend some time on our partner Web sites for more specific product information about the solutions and components that are available under the FlexVU umbrella. In fact, several of our partners have wizards on their Web site that will ask you a series of questions to guide you to the right cord cutting solution. We’ve also added helpful videos below that will provide additional commentary about FlexVU solutions.

FlexVU solutions are designed to remove the complexity of cord cutting. Consumers don’t want to be bothered with complicated solutions that are difficult to install and require the help of a technician. Most consumers still want to have access to Over-The-Air channels because they don’t want to give up regular access to their live local news, weather and sports. FlexVU solutions provide an effortless way to combine popular streaming services (like Netflix and Hulu) and access to your local live TV channels – while saving you money at the same time.

No! FlexVU solutions can generally be set up in less than 30 minutes. They do not require a technician to come to your home for setup. What’s more, FlexVU solutions typically have integrated wireless support that can be connected to your home router without a wired connection. And if you purchase a FlexVU solution with multiple TV tuners, different family members can watch different programs at the same time.

FlexVU solutions can be purchased today (see section above). FlexVU is not a specific product but a collection of ingredients that come together to create the best cord cutting experience for consumers. Return to this web site on a regular basis for a list of updated products that are FlexVU-compliant.

Absolutely not. The FCC required that all local TV content be broadcast in digital format (“Over-The-Air”) starting in 2009. All of this local “OTA” content is available to consumers free of charge. Many consumers are under the impression that they must subscribe to a cable or satellite provider for access to local TV channels, but this is simply not true. FlexVU solutions provide a great way to access these local TV channels in an easy and intuitive manner, as well as adding the benefits of DVR recording and ability to watch this content on any TV or mobile device inside or outside the home.

No. All of the local TV channels that are broadcast through the air are transmitted in HD format, which technically is of a higher quality than what you would experience on your cable or satellite system. The catch is that this content is broadcast using an older, inefficient and in some cases incompatible compression format which makes it challenging to view and access without the right technology. FlexVU solutions include “transcoding” capability which efficiently re-compresses this content to the correct format so that it may be enjoyed throughout the home without sacrificing quality. What’s more, transcoding technology makes it easy to transmit this content outside the home for remote viewing.

Yes — we all lead busy lives and most consumers require that they have the ability to save their favorite local TV programs for playback at a later time. All FlexVU solutions have DVR support using simple local storage (like a USB drive) or cloud-based storage. Unlike many cable or satellite set-top boxes, your DVR storage with FlexVU solutions is only limited by the size of local storage that you purchase or what cloud storage you decide to use.

More magic — FlexVU solutions allow you to watch your local TV content outside of your home, literally anywhere in the world that you have internet access. For example, a FlexVU solution that is installed in your home would allow you to watch your local TV channels anywhere in the world using your smartphone, tablet, PC or even another TV using any number of popular streaming devices.

This is truly television in the 21st century as your local TV is available to you wherever you go — it’s the ultimate convenient way to watch your local TV and save money at the same time!

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